Tuesday, February 7, 2012

B&W 802 Diamond

The 802 Diamond is the smaller of the two 'headed' models in the 800 Series Diamond. It offers immense levels of scale and clarity, and is destined to be a favourite among audiophiles for many years to come.

This new 802 Diamond might look very like a Nautilus 802 or 802D, but most of the hidden bits have changed significantly.
The diaphragms might be much as before, but the motors driving them have seen big changes. The manufacturers have a very extensive collection of computer modelling techniques, including the highly regarded Klippel suite and these have provided the tools for reducing motor distortion and maximising sensitivities.

Large ferrite magnets (traditionally used for bass drivers) inevitably place a large, flat and, therefore, very reflective surface immediately behind the diaphragm.
Rather, the 802 Diamond's twin 200mm bass drivers mount twin neodymium/iron/boron alloy magnets actually inside the voice coil, improving the field symmetry and lowering distortion. And the new motor considerably reduces the reflecting surface immediately behind the cones. A new four-magnet motor is also used for the diamond dome tweeter.

If you’re looking for a speaker with the power, clarity and presence of the mighty 800 Diamond, but your listening area can’t quite accommodate its studio-sized proportions, the 802 Diamond is the answer. Retaining the groundbreaking spherical head design of its bigger brother, it’s the closest you’ll get to true studio sound at home.

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