Monday, May 16, 2011

Wilson Sasha WATT/Puppy and MBL 101E - best on the market.

By UK Sound Base .

Sasha WATT/Puppy is the 9th version of Dave Wilson's original Watt.
It's a three-way design, with a 1-inch inverted dome tweeter, 7-inch midrange, and two 8-inch woofers elegantly housed within its 197 pound cabinet. To audiophiles who believe that everything makes a difference, the WATT/Puppy has been the poster child for meticulous attention to detail.

Both the new midrange/tweeter module and the bass cabinet have greater volume than W/P System 8. The larger bass enclosure results in a 2Hz greater extension in the bass, and less congestion in the upper bass. Increased volume in the upper module allows a new bracing architecture and sidewall construction for greater rigidity and lower resonance.

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MBL has designed 101E, the most beautiful hi-end speaker series available on the planet. These speakers are very, very impressive and attractive. They are crafted for ultimate luxury, style and fashion. These designer speakers have smooth curves and unique shape. Overall it looks like a designer lamp with an enchanted base and has earned the name Radialstrahler.

Whether you're hearing it for the first or the hundredth time, the 101e is bound to raise goose bumps, to increase the pulse. With the 101 music doesn't seem to come from the speakers, but is simply there, in all its majesty and beauty.

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